I’m Growing A Cherry Tree – Jon’s Garden

I think I might be a little obsessed with growing things. Everything that produces a seed that comes into the house I need to immediately plant those seeds in the ground.

Well, the lady brought cherries from the market yesterday so now I’m in the process of germinating 14 seed from the cherries she’s eaten already. Also, there is a mandate in the house to NOT throw away the seeds until I have inspected them!

So now I have 8 seeds going the stratification process.  Seeds need to go through the same processes they would normally go through in nature. For cherry seeds, they go through a cold period and that is simulated by putting the seeds in the refrigerator. I had to do the same with my apple seeds. You can check out how they are doing here.

The other 5 I’ll just experiment with other forms of germinating in hopes to speed up the process.

How To Geminate Cherry Seeds

This was unintentional. These potatoes I left outside so that they could grow sprouts. Well, they had rolled off the deck onto the ground after a very windy night. I knew what happened to them but didn’t care much. I figure nature would take care of things plus I had given up on them since the other potatoes outside had started growing sprouts.

Well about a month goes by and I’m outside cutting down a bush. I look down and guess what I see? These two just chilling. I pick them up and BEHOLD…not only are they sprouting but also have roots growing. Into the bucket, they went. #JonsGarden

Bucket Potatoes – Jon’s Garden

Looks like my potatoes are ready for the bucket! Planted two of them. I’m only looking to get 5 maybe 6 potatoes out of them.

I bought some 5-gallon buckets from Lowe’s. Drilled holes in the bottom, which is very important. The holes allow for excess water to drain out of the bucket and helps prevent overwatering. Often we believe a plant isn’t getting any water because the soil on top is dry. More often than not that is simply not true. Always check to see if the soil is moist underneath the top crust.

Not much care will go into these. You can set them and forget them.

2-Bin Compost Bin – Compost – Jon’s Garden

I was going to do the 3-bin compost bin but decided to only do the 2-bin method since I’ll be keeping the bin outside. I drilled holes on the side and in the top to allow air to flow through. On the bottom, I drilled a lot of very tiny holes. This way the extra water and worm juice will fall into the second bin but not the worms to fall/escape into the second bin. The second bin has larger holes in the bottom so that all the water and juice can drain out. The bin is sitting on top of a palette so all of the stuff can drain back into the ground. #JonsGarden

Germinating Pepper Seeds – Jon’s Garden

This isn’t the same pepper where the seeds in the Petri dish came from. The seeds in the petri dish did come from a store-bought pepper though. If you zoom in you can see some of them have germinated. I’ll give them a couple more days before I plant them in soil.

Removing the seeds is simple. Of course, you have to cut the pepper open, scrape off the seeds onto a paper towel. Allow the seeds to dry in the open air and store them in a dry place if you don’t plan on planting them right away.